Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist?
No. A referral is not necessary, however your GP or specialist may refer you to a physiotherapist. Please bring the referral with you so we can communicate with your doctor about your progress.

Does my health fund give a rebate for physiotherapy?
Most ancillary health funds provide rebates for physiotherapy treatment. The amount rebated depends on the level of cover and who your cover is with.

I am a DVA gold card holder. Can I see a physiotherapist?
Yes. You will require a current GP or specialist referral.

What do I need to bring for a Physiotherapy Exercise Classes?
You will need to bring a towel and socks, and to wear loose,  comfortable clothing. Yoga and gym gear is ideal.

Do I need to book in to the Physiotherapy Exercise Classes?
Yes! All Physiotherapy Exercise Classes require pre-booking. If we can not fit you into your preferred time we can waitlist you.

Physiotherapy Exercise Classes (previously called Clinical Pilates). Why the name change?

The Private Health Insurance (PHI) reforms by the Department of Health have agreed that the use of exercises drawn from Pilates are acceptable and within the scope of physiotherapy practice.

As previously advised and in keeping with the intention of the natural therapy reforms, Pilates-only sessions will no longer be funded as of 1 April 2019. The reform of natural therapies was designed to eliminate rebates for non evidence-based therapies, and not intended to impact physiotherapy.

However, the review into natural therapies conducted by the government and announced in 2017, did not differentiate between Pilates-informed exercises prescribed by physiotherapists as part of a treatment program and Pilates offered by fitness instructors and in other contexts.

To comply with the current PHI requirements, scheduled physiotherapy exercise classes advertised or promoted as Pilates—in material such as timetables, pamphlets and online—cannot lawfully receive rebates.

So, to continue to receive your health fund rebate, our classes are now ‘Physiotherapy Exercise Classes’. We will still be utilising the reformer and exercises will be patient specific to address your current health problem.